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My research investigates how countries manage new and existing forms of diversity. I employ a range of primarily qualitative methodological approaches—from ethnographic fieldwork, participant observation, archival analysis, and comparative historical analysis—in my work. My research has been funded by the Oxford International Seed Fund, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, Oxford-Burma Visiting Fund and, Cumberland Lodge among other institutions. 

My doctoral project investigates examines the impact of the 2017 Rohingya refugee crisis on majority-minority relations in Bangladesh. It examines how ethnoreligious minority groups respond to intercommunal tensions and navigate security and social challenges induced by refugee movements through minority civic institutions. I use comparative historical analysis and ethnographic fieldwork among minority groups in Bangladesh to capture variation in intergroup relations and crisis response strategies.

In addition to my dissertation, I have related research on forced migration, where I study the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

I have conducted fieldwork in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the UK (London).

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