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Peer-reviewed Chapters in Edited Volumes

  • Farrelly, N and Hossain, I (2014); From Bangladesh: Considering Another Side of the Rakhine Conflict in Nick Cheesman and Htoo Kyaw Win (Ed.) Communal Violence in Myanmar, MKS Publishing, Yangon

Working Papers

  • Fragile Border, Changing Communities: Impact of the Rohingya Refugee Crisis on Ethnic Minorities in Bangladesh-Myanmar Borderland. 2020.

  • Rohingya Repatriation: International Framework and Domestic Constraints. 2021 (with Ashraful Azad)

  • Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh: Response of the State, Host Community, Market and Civil Society. 2018 (with Ashraful Azad)

Book Reviews

Peer-reviewed Policy Papers

  • Ishrat Hossain (2020). After Humanitarianism: Bangladesh’s Evolving Rohingya Policy. GIGA Focus Asia Number 06.
    October 2020 (ISSN 1862-359X)

  • Ishrat Hossain (2019). Buddhist-Muslim Relations in Southeast Bangladesh in the Shadow of the Rohingya Crisis,
    Briefing Paper for the X-Border Local Research Network, The Asia Foundation, USA

Other Publications

  • Ishrat Hossain (2023). How acute is the threat to democracy in Bangladesh?. The Hundred. Number 54. 05 May 2023

  • Ishrat, Hossain (2018). Bangladesh balances between big brothers China and India, East Asia Forum

  • Ishrat Hossain (2018). Where Buddhism meets Islam: Communal Dynamics along the Bangladesh-Myanmar Borderlands, Lead article for the Common Knowledge Magazine, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

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